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Great city car. Absolutely no problems with parking and moving around the city and region. Cars were bought in Germany and distilled under their own power through Sweden. 1450 km to Stockholm. For all the time of operation has been changed bearing front hub. Very nice and attractive car for minimal money. Inside is much more spacious than it looks. With my height of 190 cm, with the seat fully pushed back, it is difficult to reach the pedals. Gasoline consumption, 5 liters in the city and 4-4.5 on the highway.

05/23/2008 An excellent city car. Absolutely no problems with parking and moving around the city and region. They bought cars in Germany and drove them under their own power through. more

Before that, I had a Hyundai Sonata 5, the car was very comfortable and torquey and didn’t break down at all, but I ate 12 liters of gasoline per 100 km. Plus a wedding! So the idea came up that you need to start saving on something, according to my calculations on the Sonata, I spent at least 5000 r on gasoline per month (I drive a lot), so I decided the first thing to start saving on was gasoline. I sold it. started searching and the first thing I stumbled upon was Smart Fo Tu. I liked him right away, and after I found out how much gasoline he eats, he definitely decided to take him. According to factory data, it consumes only 3.5-5 liters of gasoline, in fact, after digging around on the forum, I found out that gasoline consumes from 5-7 liters, but diesel is only 3.5-5 liters, so I began to look for it. I was lucky and immediately found the one I needed and for the money I wanted. As a result. Smart Fortwo CDI (diesel) 2003 onwards for only 230000 r. with mileage in Germany 85000, and in Russia on the speedometer 135000 in total.1. Smart diesels have an engine resource before overhaul of 250,000; for gasoline ones, from 100,000 to 200,000, then the overhaul is unambiguous. So keep in mind if you take Smart on gasoline.2. Everything turned out to be a reality, indeed, the consumption is only 3.5-4 liters per 100 km., Now there are no problems with parking at all. In terms of comfort, I can say one thing, that everything is exactly the same as in other foreign cars, the only thing is the poor sound insulation of the engine, everything would be fine, but the diesel will be noisier
gasoline and therefore it is still audible in the cabin, but everything is easily eliminated by additional sound insulation. And also a very stiff suspension, so even though there are 15 discs, I advise you to go around deep holes.4. Reception is good, although it is written that acceleration in 18 seconds, but this is a lie. Because at the traffic lights I do any auto industry.5. For safety, Mercedes has thought of everything to the smallest detail. Well, in terms of stability https://cars45.com/listing/lincoln on the road, I can say one thing. I drove off the end of winter on summer tires and not a single skid or slip, because it is stuffed with directional stability, anti-slip and ABS systems that work very well and with a bang! In terms of spaciousness, appearance is deceiving. I mean that looking at this car it seems that there is not only nowhere to put the bags, but also the knees will not fit. All this is an optical illusion inside if you move the seat back, you will hardly reach the pedals (my height is 175 cm), and the trunk can easily accommodate a large bag or, for example, my experience is three computer monitor monitors, which are lamp-shaped with a diameter of 17 ". In general, the passenger seat folds out and you can easily carry even larger cargo.7.The automatic transmission is 6-speed, it works with jerks, but you can switch it manually.8.Equipment: air conditioning, rear window heating, automatic transmission, radio, CD- changer for 12 discs, 2 airbags.In general, I advise everyone!

03/11/2009 Before that, I had a Hyundai Sonata 5, the car is very comfortable and torquey and did not break down at all, but ate 12 liters of gasoline per 100 km., everything would be fine, but it came to. more

Gentlemen, the car is class. The first thing you notice is the size of the car. From "nose" to "tail" exactly 2.5 meters – less than the wheelbase of a middle-class car. Actually, this is the main advantage of "Smart". It must be borne in mind that even on a narrow street in the city center, the boundaries for parking a car are marked according to the same standard: 2.5×5 meters, so that both the impressive Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the tiny SEAT Arosa occupy the same place . Is it easier to go to the last one. But this is not about "Smart". It is allowed to park it across (!), and therefore, in the place for one normal car, two will fit along, and even three babies will fit across! Well, it’s time to drive. Contrary to what you might expect, two of any size can easily fit inside, except maybe basketball centers. Only a tall driver will find it extremely inconvenient to shift gears: the lever will be under the right knee. However, the author has no complaints about the workplace. The seats seem to be unpretentious, but quite good. Fanciful-shaped switches and ventilation deflectors are located logically and functionally, besides, the "toylike" interior does not detract from the quality of performance. We insert the ignition key into the lock near the gear lever – only now you can turn on the gear – and forward. There is no clutch pedal, but this does not negate the obligation to move the lever back and forth. The Smart has six gears, and you have to change them very often, which is not surprising for a 600 cc engine.
turbocharged. Acceleration to 100 km / h has to be completed in fourth, and the maximum speed of 135 km / h is reached in fifth gear. That’s just the automatic clutch is not able to work really fast, and the gas pedal must be released when switching. But the most curious thing is the behavior of the car on the road. Of course, you can’t "get through" on city streets, but a couple of turns and a roundabout, passed with a breeze, left vivid impressions. "Smart" is too different from "normal" cars to fit the usual canons. In this sense, he is an amazing parody (if you like, a caricature) on. Porsche 911. Fast, sensitive steering without power – and at the same time a stubborn reluctance to turn, stiff suspension – and impressive rolls and buildup, "splayed" low-profile rear wheels – and the absence of a powerful engine capable of cranking them. However, the electronic stabilization system and ABS will not allow the car to "turn like a top". By the way, try to name another modern minicar with rear-wheel drive and rear-engine layout. In urban conditions, maneuverability and visibility are important. With maneuverability, everything is fine, but the review leaves much to be desired. Fir-trees-sticks, what a wide front desk he has! In an unobservable sector, an average passenger car will hide in a turn, you jerk your head like a Chinese bobblehead: like no one. But thick A-pillars can be regarded as retribution for passive safety. The undeniable advantages of size within
big city are clear and so, but what inspires me personally: 1. Consumption. Well, where else can you find one? 5 liters in the city 🙂 2. Maneuverability. Probably, comments are superfluous, but from time to time in traffic jams it was possible to drive perpendicular to the flow 🙂 – not only due to the size, but also because the extreme position of the wheels is simply amazing – not a right angle, of course, but nonetheless. P.S. The windows are tinted, and Smarts are mostly driven by girls. and according to statistics, Smart drivers are pretty, but what kind of a normal man would not let a beautiful woman through?3. Stove. Ready to sing praises endlessly, miniature interior, tank heater, warms up to 20 degrees at -23 outside the window (in early January, in my opinion, this was) in 6 minutes. Recorded personally. Two air conditioners (more precisely, a two-level one, but this is the same thing, it even has separate air ducts for different levels) they know their business :-)) 4. Patency. I go to sunbathe on Obolon and I have to drive several kilometers on the sand. And no one sits down anywhere, and in general the clearance is solid – 15 cm5. Dynamics. Smart accelerates to hundreds in 15 seconds, and this is not such a bad result, given that only the last 10-15 km / h are hard for him, and up to 80-90 km it accelerates like an average European due to 55 horses, then to the city from traffic lights – very much even nothing. I saw the astonished eyes of the driver of the new Camry, from whom I did not lag behind until 60 :-))) it was nice.

12.05.2009 Gentlemen, the car is class. The first thing you notice is the size of the car. From the "nose" to the "tail" exactly 2.5 meters – less than the wheelbase of the car, cf. more

Plague.. just Plague.. Very fast. acceleration to hundreds of 8.2 seconds, feels like 5. sec. I have a clean Brabus.. Xclusive. / Leather seats Brabus Engine Brabus, Wheels 17-Brabus. Dashboard – Brabus Hodovka is understated, the racks are also Brabus .. Very maneuverable, turns like a kart. Tough .. Drove it one day. Class .. There is also a Smart diesel. 2002 onwards There is something to compare with .. But that one is good in its own way. The 450th is Spartan-driving .. and Brabus is faster than the Camry 40 .. and many other cars If we had roads of the same quality as in Europe. Everyone would go, if show-offs are not important to anyone, what you are moving on. and how much does it cost.. Camry-"ETALON" in the CIS.. – wildness..

04/09/2013 Plague.. just ChuMaAa.. Very fast. acceleration to hundreds of 8.2 seconds, feels like 5. sec. I have a clean Brabus.. Xclusive. / Leather seats Brabus Engine Sconce. more

This is the second Smart in our family. The first husband was brought from Germany to order. This is a crazy stool with a turbo engine, its dynamics are hurricane, I rode it several times, it’s scary, especially in winter. She herself did without a car for a long time, but then at work they offered an almost new Smart from the corporate fleet (only 500 km mileage) with an atmospheric engine at a big discount. After a family council, we decided to take a second Smart, especially since I still needed a car. Since then, I drive it almost every day from work to work and to shops. The main advantage of Smart is its compact dimensions. We have both cars freely placed in one garage, which is very convenient, the garage is heated, you get into a warm car. Smart is generally poorly adapted for winter operation. The motor warms up for a long time, despite the presence of a stabilization system, it strives to become sideways on a slippery road, and the ground clearance is small. In general, in heavy snow I try not to go on it. It is safer and more convenient to take the metro, and even faster in the snowfall, the city still stands. But when it’s a pleasure to drive expensive dry Smart, where there are no dedicated lanes for public transport, there is almost always a place for it between the first row and the curb. In terms of speed of movement in the city, he has no equal, with the exception of motorcycles. The dynamics of an atmospheric engine is noticeably worse than a turbocharged one, but still a good car accelerates to 100 km / h in 14 s. The only thing, robotic
the transmission is a little twitchy, you have to adapt to it, but you can get used to it. Fuel consumption is small – 5.5-6 liters per 100 km. There are only two seats in the Smart cabin, so despite the compact dimensions, there is quite a lot of space for luggage. You can drive on the Smart on the highway, but only if the road is flat, its wheels are small, and there is almost no suspension travel. Comfortable speed is no more than 110 – 120 km / h, and then if there is no strong wind.

09/22/2015 This is the second Smart in our family. The first husband was brought from Germany to order. This is a crazy stool with a turbo engine, its dynamics are hurricane, I have not been on it. more