There is nothing to the quality of the rug and other complete items. Used it several times for its intended purpose – no complaints. The magnetic screw mat is a professional mobile phone repair tool; All of them will remain where you put them. No foreign smell, no burrs. In each of them, you can make a note or indicate the element number to simplify the assembly process of the previously disassembled gadget.
But this information can be found on the product page (Google translation): I was completely satisfied with the purchase, I hope a friend is also a gift 2. If we compare this rug with a silicone one, then the version from JAKEMY seems to me more interesting due to its greater functionality. I think this product will be useful to those who are able to independently change a broken display in a smartphone or is perfect as a gift for such people. As for the magnetic abilities of the mat, there are no complaints about them. In conclusion, I would like to note that I liked the rug. Despite the fact that the mat is magnetic, the screws are perfectly removed from it with a screwdriver with a magnetized nose, which is also a plus. So, in principle, you can immediately get rid of the complete eraser, since there is almost no practical use for it. Only the front side of the mat is magnetic. Brand: JAKEMY; The front side of the package looks like this: The rug itself, upon closer examination, is something similar to a fridge magnet. The mat is even on all sides, the marker is not dry, the eraser is not cracked. Initially, I thought that the base of the mat was also magnetic. 2.
The front side of the rug is white, lined into square sections. Basically, it’s convenient. Now a few words about the things included in the package. Although, the silicone mat can be used during soldering, which cannot be said about the magnetic one … Most likely there we are talking about the characteristics and options for using the product inside. Designed for quick and correct repairs;

Features: Small screws and nails are held on the rug even when it is vertical. With this mat, repair work will be accelerated.

Before purchasing this magnetic mat, I successfully used the silicone version, which suited me with everything. And even if you shake it a little, they still do not fall off. Thickness: 0.7mm. But externally, the magnetic mat definitely looks more attractive. In today’s review, I want to share with you my impressions of another product from the well-known brand "JAKEMY" – a universal magnetic mat with the designation JM-Z09, purchased on eBay. 5. Specification: 12.JPG” /”> The next moment I don’t know what https://jiji.co.ke/houses-apartments-for-rent to attribute it to: pluses or minuses. Weight: mat – 190 grams. The dimensions of the rug are not that big, only 25*20 centimeters, but this is enough to use it during the repair of small gadgets: smartphones, compact tablets, and so on. Size: 25.00 x 20.00 x 1.00 cm; The marker writes on the mat without problems, which cannot be said about the complete eraser, which stubbornly refuses to erase it quickly and easily.

JAKEMY JM-Z09 magnetic mat

On the back side of the substrate, all the inscriptions are in Chinese, it is very problematic to make out something. 4. I ordered 2 pieces at once: one for myself, the second for a gift to a friend who periodically deals with minor repairs of small gadgets.
So you can be sure that when using the JAKEMY JM-Z09 magnetic mat, not a single screw, bolt or nut will roll away or be lost. 3. It was very interesting to see what it is and what practical application it can have. But if you use a damp cloth (for example, microfiber), then all the inscriptions are removed from the rug very quickly and without any residue in the form of streaks or text that has not been erased. In addition to the rug itself, the package includes a marker and an eraser to remove it. 3. In any case, visually, it has exactly the same basis, which cannot be said about its properties, but more on that later. If the eraser is dry, then the marker is almost never erased at all. But having accidentally stumbled upon this lot, I could not refuse to purchase it. That is, it can be used not only as a substrate during repairs of any gadgets, but also as an alternative, as a “sheet” for notes, sticking, for example, on a refrigerator. Model: JM-Z09; Rather, this is an option for a home "workshop". It turned out that this was not so. It will not work to fix it on the refrigerator, so this rug cannot be used as a “sheet” for notes and notes. If it gets wet, the written text is erased, but ugly black stains remain, resembling dirt. 1. Well, despite the good workmanship, I think that, unlike silicone, a magnetic mat is hardly suitable for professional use. Nothing rolled away, fell off, was not lost. All screws remain where I left them. So, the mat comes in a nice original package, which is a plastic blister with a cardboard back wall. 1.