The upper part is covered with foam We create a workspace, write/draw, click "Convert to G-Code", enter the task parameters
Open this file after milling, change the tool and send it to work.
What is in the second. There is another option, Image to Gcode, which works in a similar way, but is somewhat faster and includes a full editor. There is nothing complicated in this, you do not need to transfer pins of steppers or download other software, it is enough to correct the data in memory through the console.
Running in grblControl
Load it into the grblControl and get the following preliminary result Although, given that StepCam was created exclusively for milling and reaming boards, the result is not bad. Body material: Aluminum alloy
Select the one you need, use the buttons on the control panel to bring the tip of the cutter to the zero point, that is, to the lower left corner of the workpiece touching the surface and reset the coordinates along the axes X,Y and Z, after which we press the send button. Control program : GrblControl Working area: 340x160x40mm
True, in the second everything is in inches, so the result is a little different Adapter supply voltage: 110-240V 50/60Hz It is convenient that after the job is completed, the current coordinates and "zeros" are not reset, so that subsequent manipulations can be performed without recalibration, except to correct the Z axis if the second cutter has a different length. Image to Gcode can "squeeze out" black and white images in grayscale, but it’s quite difficult to properly prepare a detailed relief. To prevent this from happening, use the fifth plastic washer from the kit, it is not a spare.
There are detailed instructions in the kit, but even without it it is difficult to assemble the structure otherwise, because There https://jiji.com.et/cars/ford-explorer are only three profile sizes, and two of them are presented in duplicate.
Under it is foam rubber with cutouts, all components are neatly laid out in their places In general, engraving a picture or an inscription is easier here. In this review, I will try to prove that everyone can cope with management, we will analyze possible problems and ways to solve them, and also look at the results of the work.
Done, now you need to select the desired type of processing. I settled on the Vectric Aspire. I hope it won’t be boring =) Laying the board in the program, exporting the sawn tracks Tolerably test on cardboard Weight: 7.5kg Adapter output: 24V 4A Brown box
Move the spindle up and to the right, reset the work area and send it to work.
This is what I ended up with after a complete assembly, if you have more parts, check if everything is in place
If you wish, you can also unload the reaming Motor Shaft: 5mm
The background also sinks, but literally by a tenth of a millimeter, so you can simply lift the engraver slightly above the surface before zeroing.
Drag the image we need and click on vectorize Model: Mini CNC3018
So it is quite possible to work with such a set
Third mode: Cone/ Engraving, unlike Cutting, you cannot set several passes here, everything is done in one to the specified depth, so I use it mainly for cutting thin workpieces
So much so that it’s easier to use more complex software. It’s like a Repetier without modules for slicing in 3D printing
And we get the outline of the picture
Actually, it’s easier than drawing an owl
In this case, the contour is recessed Color: Silver
Well, a prism can come in handy
First type: milling along the contour, the inner filling is ignored, we set the desired depth, the tool The command $3:
Next, milling the notch, the settings differ a little
If you managed to scribble a test model, you can try and throw something yourself
Although the picture is not very good
for example The pass is mirrored and instead of raising the cutter, the machine sinks it Supported operating systems: Windows XP SP3, Win7, Win8, Win10.
It’s good that I didn’t leave much headroom below the table surface
But that in the first case, a bump is visible in the center. To do this, we need any graphics editor, the same Paint will do, the main thing is that the picture or text be monochrome.
And assemble the case We need the fifth option
Select the parameters so that only the areas we need are filled Hello everyone! After playing enough with 3D printers, I began to stare at CNC machines and it turned out that their logic is much simpler, which cannot be said from existing reviews. On the lot page there is a link with everything you need to get started
Put everything on the floor, take a screwdriver
And we get a similar result in 10
seconds Space required: approx. 340x160mm
The result is similar to a notch with the same parameters. The program works with any black and white images, but the rendering takes a long time, for example, it took about 10 minutes to process this inscription. Spindle motor: 775(12-36V); 24V: 7000rpm, 36V: 9000rpm
The process started, but somehow not right.
Nevertheless, we https://tonaton.ng/c_skin-care can already do the first test, because. there are ready-made templates in the archive To begin with, we create a project, set the size of our "blank" and the zero point. The drawing will need to be saved in BMP format
During the assembly of the X axis mechanism, I fixed one of the complete cutters and lowered the carriage almost flush with the table surface.
The power supply is closer I caught the angle so that the lines began to cast at least a little
Next, download the free StepCam program, open our picture, set up basic processing parameters, such as the speed of passage and maximum depth, wait until the progress bar is filled and save the code with the corresponding button

CNC engraver 3018

Judging by the behavior, we need to invert the X< /b> and Z. Although it’s probably still worth attaching a detailed assembly video
Both programs build a height map using grayscale, where white is the highest point, and black is the lowest It is more convenient for me to set it in the center, then it is enough to find the center of the bar and calibrate according to it When you fix the board, note that in the lower left corner under the nut there will be two tracks, and if you overdo it, you can short them out. I often use these It is more convenient to work with thin material, but you can not be perverted like that, the main thing is that when the spindle is fully lowered, the cutter does not start picking the table, because. this is fraught with consequences. A little practice. The program is heavily paid, but there is a trial version, so you can try it and decide whether you need it or not. Stepper motors: 42 steps, 12V, 1.3A, 0.25Nm
The basis is grblControl_0.8.1, this program is a machine control panel and it is she who gives commands to the machine nodes.
At least the engraving will not cause any problems, and SepCam will also Spring Layout works great (initially they did it for it).
Cutters with different markings, but they look identical
By the way, amusing acrylic clamps, I used them to clamp workpieces up to 20mm high Seriously, I assembled the first printer for half a day and twisted it for several days, but I launched the monitored machine a few hours after opening the box.