But there is no need to sweat. I had a tile with a ceramic burner. But on the other hand, there is a type of high pressure fuse. I bought a $25 bottle for 5 liters last year, went to a gas filling station, and exchanged it for a filled one. And it’s a shame to throw it away. Approximately like the usual home "Hephaestus stove". Not so cheap, I once gave $50 for it Okay, back to the subject. Actually, I want to buy this tile When I lifted its lid, I was a little freaked out by what I saw The brand is familiar to me, as a Belarusian, not by hearsay. So I decided to do so. The tile works on collet disposable cylinders, but at the same time it has a built-in gearbox with the ability to connect an external cylinder. And I have a question here. But until he decided, he took the reviewed one as an inexpensive alternative. The tile is quite interesting to buy, given its price. And the tile at one point stopped working. And the tile itself is cut down. It could be that the gearbox is not designed for that pressure. In short, I don’t know how it happened. And a cast-iron cauldron for her. Yes, heavy and large. This bottle should be enough for the whole season. Many apartments are completed with their plates during construction. Can this part be purchased separately? I just didn’t find it. There is everything you need. To take a filled cylinder in the presence of an empty one, in Belarus, is very cheap. The snail of the tile burned out in fig. And these plates work for years and decades.

Cheap tourist gas stove Gefest Tourist PGT 1 802

In general, I bought the whole thing, and began to actively use fishing. The burner on the stove is normal. Tile of the Belarusian manufacturer Hephaestus. And the equipment here is normal.
I bought the tiles as a temporary measure. Well, it is understandable, the goods are Belarusian. Therefore, I also hoped for such reliability of this tile. Not without downsides, of course. Inside there is a manual with various data. But for me this is not a problem, we carry not such things with us to nature. Bought in the 21st Century, much cheaper than Ozone. Only disc mounting is available with a wire retainer The tile is packed in a regular cardboard box Because the weekend was going to be camping, no matter the weather, and the previous tile, which cost as much as four of these, died at the end of last season, not quite an ordinary death. But as often happens, any temporary can become very permanent. The other day I bought inexpensive, even very inexpensive in my opinion, tourist tiles. And hose and clamps The tile was urgently needed, and with my previous one, which flashed in my reviews, a bad story happened. And no need to go and buy small cans. Like one disposable bottle. Of the interesting, one can note the performance characteristics and equipment