December 2019, I wrote my Will with Mr. Kam. I asked him a question: Can the F.D (fixed deposit) in the bank immediately withdraw by my family upon death? I want to use part of the cash for funeral affairs and the children expensive. His answer is NO. Legal procedures are required before the withdrawal of fixed deposits, and this procedure generally takes several months to a year. (Of course it is different if you go in the gray area of ​​the law, but the risks you need to bear will be even higher)

I asked him any other way to get the money withdrawal from the bank within one to two weeks? He gave me a suggestion, which is to set up a “Cash Trust”. He told me that “Cash Trust” has 4 benefits, first – transfer money to loved ones within 7 working days upon death. Benefit 2, my money will be transferred to designated and trusted persons. Benefit 3, I can use the money to do what I want. Benefit 4, I will get higher returns.

After considered about for a week, I decided to place “Cash Trust” with RM300,000.00. Today I am very happy because I received a return of RM21,000.00 from Trustee Company.

In fact, my FD amount in bank more than the Cash Trust but I can’t get the interest of RM21,000. When I made this decision, I was very hesitant because I had never heard of such a thing as “Cash Trust”, finally I chose to believe it and did not regret my decision. Many things depend on our belief. Thanks Mr. Kam.

Miss Ng