AMD A8-5545M.

The AMD A8-5545M is a low voltage quad-core notebook processor based on the Richland architecture. It includes two modules operating at a frequency of 1.7 to 2.7 GHz, a Radeon HD 8510G video card and a DDR3(L)-1333 memory controller.

Compared to the Trinity family, there isn’t much new in Richland. There are no new features, the performance per megahertz is still the same. The design of the chip is still based on the Bulldozer architecture, which consists of so-called modules. Each module includes two computing cores and only one mathematical coprocessor (FPU). Like Trinity, Richland has almost all modern features – the AVX instruction set (including FMA), hardware support for AES encryption, and Turbo Core technology.

The performance of the A8-5545M is comparable to the Pentium P6100. Therefore, it is suitable for any simple tasks and undemanding games.


The integrated Radeon HD 8510G graphics card is equipped with the maximum number of stream processors (384) possible for the VLIW4 architecture and operates at a frequency of 450 to 554 MHz (turbo mode). Its performance is slightly higher than HD 7640G.

The power consumption of the A8-5545M, including graphics card and memory controller, is 19 W, which is slightly higher than most low-voltage processors. It is suitable for laptops with a screen diagonal of 13 inches.

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